Transaction Announcement: AESI and AISI


Transaction Announcement

Brady Ware Capital Secures Refinancing Debt Facilities for Advanced Engineering Solutions and Advanced Interior Solutions

About the Transaction

Brady Ware Capital is pleased to announce the refinancing of senior debt facilities for Advanced Engineering Solutions, Inc. (AESI) and Advanced Interior Solutions, Inc. (AISI) with First Financial Bank. Brady Ware Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor to AESI and AISI in connection with the refinancing and was engaged to assist AESI and AISI in finding the best lending partner and terms to support its operations.

About Brady Ware Capital

Brady Ware Capital assists buyers and sellers in navigating the complexities of M&A transactions. With over 150 years of combined experience, BWC has a wide range of capabilities/expertise including sell-side Merger and Acquisition/ business brokerage services, buy-side strategy and execution, and capital raising.


About Advanced Engineering Solutions and Advanced Interior Solutions

Advanced Engineering Solutions (AESI) and Advanced Interior Solutions (AISI) are partner companies located in Springboro, Ohio. AESI is a premier manufacturer of tooling, equipment, machines and components. AISI is a premier manufacturer of thermoformed, machined metal and assembled components for the automotive and aerospace Industries. AISI has steadily grown into becoming one of the biggest tier 2 manufacturers in the Midwest.

First Financial Bank

About First Financial Bank

First Financial Bank has been in the business of client service and success for more than 150 years.  With more than 150 banking centers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois we combine world-class financial expertise with personal community service that builds lifelong relationships.

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