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Brady Ware Capital’s mergers and acquisitions specialists help business owners and entrepreneurs understand, increase, and unlock the value of their businesses. Business owners often find that managing the complexities of transactions an overwhelming experience. You need an advocate who has your best interests in mind to evaluate the opportunity, find the right partner, structure and close the deal. Brady Ware’s business brokers are here to ease the challenges and allow you to continue running your business successfully throughout the transaction.

Working with Brady Ware Capital, business owners can use a variety of strategic options:

  • 100% sale of the business to a third-party strategic or financial buyer
  • Sale of less than 100% interest
  • Management buyout
  • Redemption of ownership over time
  • Finding financing to fund a one-time special dividend
  • Positioning the business for a future event

Meet Brady Ware Capital

Entrepreneurs and closely held business owners need strategic partners who can help them achieve their goals. Brady Ware Capital’s team brings over 100 years of combined experience with accounting, banking, consulting, and private business. And Brady Ware’s accounting practice brings the right experience to the deal at the right time.

Various types of buyers seek out Brady Ware Capital to partner with them during transactions:

  • Privately held strategic buyers
  • Private Equity Groups
  • Public Companies
  • Foreign-owned buyers
  • Management Buyouts
  • Individual Buyers

Cliff Bishop, President of Brady Ware Capital

Cliff Bishop
Brady Ware Capital
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Roger Furrer, Director of Brady Ware

Roger Furrer
Brady Ware Capital
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Keith Warner, Manager, Brady Ware Capital

Keith Warner
Brady Ware Capital
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Todd Roberts, Director for Brady Ware

Todd Roberts, CPA
Brady Ware Capital Finance
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We have a passion for working with entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

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