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Brady Ware Capital Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Our mergers and acquisitions specialist help business owners and entrepreneurs understand, increase, and unlock the value of their businesses. Business owners often find that managing the complexities of a transaction an overwhelming experience. You need an advocate who has your best interests in mind to evaluate the opportunity, find the right partner, structure and close the deal. Brady Ware’s business brokers are here to ease the challenges and allow you to continue running your business successfully throughout the transaction.

Working with Brady Ware Capital, business owners can use a variety of strategic options:

  • 100% sale of the business to a third-party strategic or financial buyer
  • Sale of less than 100% interest
  • Management buyout
  • Redemption of ownership over time
  • Finding financing to fund a one-time special dividend
  • Positioning the business for a future event

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Selling a Business

It’s important that business owners understand the true value of their businesses. Brady Ware Capital’s business brokers collaborate with you to help you achieve your goals.

There are four main steps in selling any business:

What's my business worth? Brady Ware Capital

1. Market preparation

Brady Ware Capital

2. Go to market

3. Finalize the terms

4. Execution and close

Buying a Business

One way to grow your business is through buying other businesses, and Brady Ware Capital can help you develop that strategy and fulfill your goals. The main factors you’ll need assistance with are:

Identity the search criteria
for your strategic needs

Assemble necessary
financial information

Execution and close

Brady Ware also offers a full range of transaction planning and support for those looking to buy or sell a business through Brady Ware & Company CPAs. Visit their website for more information on Brady Ware’s Transaction Services and Team.

Raising Capital

It’s important that you have right business brokers representing your needs when communicating with senior debt lenders, mezzanine lenders, private equity groups, and venture capitalists in the Corporate Finance markets. Brady Ware Capital plays a unique role by evaluating your need for capital and identifying the appropriate mix of funds between sources:

  • Traditional Bank Debt
  • Alternative Lenders such as Asset Based Lenders or Factors
  • Mezzanine or Subordinated Debt
  • Equity

What’s My Business Worth?

For the vast majority of business owners, the value of their closely held company is their largest asset. When preparing a personal financial statement it’s easy to identify the value of your home, savings accounts, marketable securities, and retirement accounts. But what is your business worth? Is your company worth book value, a multiple of cash flow, a factor of revenue, or something altogether different?

Many factors influence the value of your business. Brady Ware Capital’s experience allows us to determine how both buyers and sellers interpret and value these factors:

  • Depth of Management Team
  • Industry Dynamics
  • Quality of Financial Information
  • Customer Concentrations
  • Relationship with Key Suppliers

Establishing an accurate value for your business is a critical step in your strategic planning. It’s also an important first step in understanding your exit strategies as part of your overall retirement goal.

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