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John Hanna


Needed Assistance:
Taking an Initial Offer to Close


In March of 2017, my business partner and I were approached about selling a majority share of our business. I had known Cliff and Roger for many years and had been in discussions with them leading up to that point about properly positioning our company for its eventual sale. We came to the table with a qualified suitor who wanted to purchase us, so we needed Brady Ware Capital to help us evaluate the offer and consummate the deal, rather than assist us with their full suite of services.

Brady Ware Capital Testimonial | Invotec

Why did you choose Brady Ware Capital?

Brady Ware Capital made the process of selling our business easier by helping to remove the emotion from such a large transaction. Selling your business is complicated and emotional, and you need someone who has been through it to get the most out of your transaction. The due diligence exercise can be long and arduous, and the Brady Ware Capital team was very patient and experienced in this process. I think the ultimate valuation of the company was higher because of their involvement. There were things they knew about the process that were very beneficial. Every time you think you’re finished with the process of discovery, something else comes up.

“Brady Ware Capital advocates for their clients; they are highly experienced and extremely competent at what they do.

–John Hanna

What makes Brady Ware Capital different?

Roger, Cliff, and Keith were very accessible , easy to work with, patient, and extremely responsive. I learned much about how companies are valued and what that process looks like, in terms of buying and selling. It was very interesting to me.

Brady Ware Capital advocates for their clients, and they are highly experienced and extremely competent at what they do. I would recommend them to anyone trying to sell a business without any hesitation.

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